The manufacturer strongly recommends the use of remote-mounted visual indicators (LED or lamp) and/or audible indicators (alarm or buzzer) informing the driver of either normal operation or a fault condition. Should a fault condition occur, it is necessary to remove the Dual Rectifier from the electrical circuit and contact the manufacturer for diagnostic support or replacement.
Customer should match the LED / Lamp and/or alarm(s) to the voltage rating of the native electrical system. For example, a 12 volt vehicle will use a 12 volt Dual Rectifier with 12 volt LEDS and alarms. A 24 volt vehicle will use a 24 volt Dual Rectifier with 24 volt LEDS and alarms.
Current draw not to exceed 60mA
Wires coming from the connector are switched to ground when active, so the cathode of the LED should connect to the harness wire, and the anode should connect to the positive source voltage.

Current draw not to exceed 60mA.

Harness is 6 feet in length. For custom length, contact manufacturer.