Quick Specs

Current Rating75  to 150 amps
Operating Voltage6.5 to 36 VDC
Voltage Drop at Max Current50 mV
Temperature Range-40 to +105 C
Weight14.4 ounces
Gen 3 Package5.40″ x 2.86″ x 1.57″

***Generation 3.0 not for new applications, is no longer in active production, but can be made-to-order under special circumstances***

OR’s two sources to a single load

  • Low voltage, High current capability
  • Industry-leading ultra-low on-state resistance
  • 99.9% efficient at maximum continuous current
  • No heat sinks or airflow required
  • No de-rating required over full temperature range
  • Fully encapsulate solid state design
  • Internationally patented arrayed MOSFET technology
  • MIL-STD-461E Compliant

POWER-GATE programmable OR’ing diodes are designed to selectively OR one of two sources to a load. This configuration can be programmed to automatically conduct current from a pre-defined Master source to the load. When the primary source drops to a pre-defined low voltage threshold (or alternate metric), the device will “flip,” and current from the secondary Slave source will drive the load. The customer’s application and performance requirements dictate how the devices will be programmed. This setup is highly customizable so please contact us so we may assist in configuring devices for your application.

POWER-GATE programmable OR’ing diodes provide high performance and reliable switching without the conductive losses and leakage typical to Schottky rectifiers.

Conventional silicon and Schottky rectifiers are attractively priced, but have significant performance issues:

• substantial voltage drop as current passes

• conductive losses create significant heat

• batteries never get fully charged

• alternator regulators always inaccurate due to diode drop

Programmable OR’ing diodes are constructed based on our internationally patented large MOSFET array technology.