In 2005, Perfect Switch developed and internationally patented a concept we call “high ratio geometry” where we array large numbers of semiconductors called MOSFETS.  Implementing a robotic assembly technique, an “ideal diode” is created.


POWER-GATE Battery Isolators are industry leading, high performance, one-way electrical valves. They are commonly deployed in multi-battery applications where independent discharge or battery separation is required. Never confuse conventional battery isolators with POWER-GATE battery isolators. POWER-GATE devices enjoy ultra-low on-resistance and require no heat sinking and no airflow at currents up to 600 amps. Recommended by EnerSys (manufacturer of Odyssey, Hawker, Loadhog, Powersafe, General, NP, Ironclad, Genesis, Heritage, and Varta batteries), and utilized in both military and civilian applications, POWER-GATE battery isolators ensure that power gets to where it’s needed without the excessive heat and voltage drop typified by more common, lesser performing silicon and Schottky devices. Unlike conventional silicon and Schottky isolators, POWER-GATE’s achieve sub-100 micro-ohm performance, even as the currents climb through 600 amps; that’s over 1,000% more efficient than traditional silicon and Schottky technology. With heat being the primary killer of electronics, engineering heat OUT of the product yields unparalleled reliability.

We manufacture battery isolators in two configurations: single rectifiers and dual rectifiers. Each is designed for use with multiple batteries and how you plan on using your DC resources will dictate which device is the appropriate choice for your application. Click here for single rectifiers and click here for dual rectifiers up to 300 amps. For 400 to 600 amp devices, click here.