Perfect Switch has adopted the following privacy policy with respect to our website, (www.perfectswitch.com). Use of the Perfect Switch Website (www.perfectswitch.com) assumes agreement to the following terms and conditions and all revisions thereof. If you do not agree with the following conditions you should not access this website. Perfect Switch has tried to ensure that all information provided through this website is correct at the time of its inclusion. Neither Perfect Switch nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the site shall be liable for any damages resulting from use of – or inability to use – the site or its content. Perfect Switch is not responsible for any liability related to the completion, timeliness, and/or adequacy of services acquired through the website. This agreement does not convey to you any intellectual property rights or copyright relating to the website and its content or relating to Perfect Switch. The information acquired on the website may only be used, copied or distributed in an unmodified form for personal purposes provided the copyright symbol and notice are maintained. Perfect Switch retains ownership of all intellectual property rights (including copyright) in and to the website and its content.

Collection of Information

Perfect Switch does not currently collect personal identifying information through our website except:

1) For information that a user’s Internet service provider automatically transmits to our web server, such as its website address and possibly an e-mail address.

2) For information that a user sends to us in an e-mail message. E-mail sent to us may not be secure. If you choose to send us an e-mail message, we may retain the content of the e-mail, your email address and our response, and it becomes the property of Perfect Switch.

3) For information that a user submits to Perfect Switch in a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) form (for example, when you submit a search request or information request on our website)

4) For storing log-in information (personal ID and password) (see cookies below).

Use of Information

All registration information is stored on a secure server unavailable to anyone outside of Perfect Switch None of the registration information is ever provided to third-party organizations. The information is regarded and treated by Perfect Switch as confidential business information for its internal use only.


We use cookies only to implement the AutoLogon feature, which enables visitors to visit the website without entering their Logon Name and Password. Cookies are pieces of information that some websites transfer to the computers browsing that website, and are used for record-keeping purposes at many websites. Cookies perform various functions such as saving your passwords, and saving your personal preferences with respect to particular website (personalized portals).