Let’s face it….when it comes to fleet applications, it all comes down to one simple acronym: R.O.I.

Return on investment is paramount when considering DC power management devices in fleet use. Our POWER-GATE Low Voltage Disconnects insure designated accessories won’t deplete the vehicle’s battery while Single and Dual Rectifier devices manage multi-battery networks isolating or passing current at peak efficiency. Although mechanical contactors are cheap and easy to install, their longevity is greatly compromised due to internal arcing and road vibration.

POWER-GATE solid state relays provide a long-term, reliable solution to high-current switching on service vehicles.

POWER-GATE Autonomous Relays are like traditional low voltage disconnects on steroids. A single point of disconnect for all your low and high current accessories, over voltage and under voltage protection, plus the ability to re-program the devices remotely at YOUR facility with our Remote Control Programmer … you’ve discovered the ultimate low voltage disconnect.

With no moving parts to wear or degrade, you may find yourself transferring POWER-GATE devices to next years trucks!