Quick Specs

Current Rating50 to 600 amps
Operating Voltage4.8 to 36 VDC
Voltage Drop at Max Current10 to 40 mV
Temperature Range-40 to +105 C
Weight14.7 ounces
Small Package6.33” x 4.31″ x 1.80″
Medium Package7.78″ x 5.13″ x 1.95″
Large Package8.58″ x 6.63″ x1.89″
  • A single, high current module to handle all your LVD need
  • Highest performing low voltage disconnect on the market
  • One input from the battery
  • One output post for all high and low current accessories
  • Decreases vehicle downtime and lost productivity due to discharged battery
  • High and low voltage cutoff
  • Up to 4 levels of under-voltage shutdown (optional)
  • Up to 4 levels of over-voltage shutdown (optional)
  • Up to 2 levels of circuit break shutdown with 3 options for reset (optional)
  • Timers to delay on or off (optional)
  • Differentiation between in-rush and shorted conditions
  • over-current protection
  • Sleep mode for ultra-low current draw (optional)
  • Fault LED blinking patterns for identifying cause of relay open
  • Internationally patented arrayed MOSFET technology
  • No heat sinks or airflow required
  • No de-rating required over full temperature range
  • Fully encapsulated solid state design
  • Internationally patented MOSFET technology
  • Recommended by top battery manufacturers

Conventional Low Voltage Disconnects typically require external mechanical contactors to drive loads of any significance. Multiple relays and wire/cable runs create unnecessary installation complexity, drive up maintenance costs, and create a basic level of brain-damage fleet operators can do without. If only there was a device that served as a low voltage disconnect, but could also handle ALL the accessory loads thus eliminating the need for external contactors.

POWER-GATE Voltage Sensitive Relays are your solution.

LVD True Cost

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