Solid State Relays


POWER-GATE solid state relays manage currents ranging from 100 amps to 600 amps, typically 3VDC to 36VDC. Devices utilize our internationally patented “high ratio geometry” technology where we array large numbers of MOSFETS. Implementing a robotic assembly technique, a “perfect switch” is created yielding devices that require no heat sinking, no airflow, and typically achieve sub-100 micro-ohm performance at full rated continuous current.

Relays can be configured for either uni-directional or bi-directional current flow. Devices can be manually controlled or automatically controlled via the on-board microprocessor. Our Voltage Sensitive Relays behave like the smartest low-voltage / high voltage disconnects ideally suited for fleet applications.

Programming options include:

  • Four levels of under-voltage available
  • Four levels of over-voltage available
  • Two levels of circuit-break shutdown with three reset options
  • Five levels of over-current

Solid State Circuit Breakers provide a level of reliability and precision that can’t be achieved with conventional mechanical breakers.

We share your interest in managing DC resources reliably and efficiently. Not sure if POWER-GATE devices are suitable for your application?

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