Ford Super Duty Dual Battery Isolators

Quick Specs
Current Rating100,150,200,250,300
Surge Currentup to 1,500 amps
Operating Voltage5.6 to 36 VDC
Voltage Drop at Max Current30mV to 49mV
Temperature Range-40 to +105 °C
Weight23.5 ounces
Dimensions7.78” x 5.13” x 1.95”
  • GENERATION 4.0 (new and improved)
  • Larger posts for improved electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Lower voltage drop at elevated temperatures for greater longevity
  • User replaceable fuse in the event of a reverse battery connection
  • User selectable Alternator excitation for ultimate installation flexibility
  • Remote LED installation harness for driver-centric monitoring of rectifier status
  • Market-leading, ultra-low on-state resistance
  • Charges two batteries or banks from a single charging source
  • Battery combine feature for self-jumping
  • Ideal high current dual-diode configuration
  • Allows independent discharge of each battery or bank
  • Allows each battery or bank to absorb current as needed
  • Extends battery life by ensuring full charging voltage reaches the batteries
  • 100% solid state, no moving parts to wear
  • 99.9% efficient at maximum continuous current
  • No heat sinks or airflow required
  • No de-rating required over full temperature range
  • Expansion port for external monitoring display
  • Beefy 3/8-16 x .75" brass connection posts for large lugs
  • CNC cut and plated internal conductors optimized for high current transfer
  • Fully encapsulated rough-duty design
  • Internationally patented MOSFET technology
  • Recommended by top battery manufacturers