Rectifier-Relay (GEN 4.0) COMING SOON

Quick Specs
Current Rating50 to 600 amps
Operating Voltage6.5 to 36 VDC
Voltage Drop at Max Current30mV
Temperature Range-40 to +105 C
Weight14.7 ounces
Dimensions6.3” x 4.3” (SML)
  • Designed to behave like both a rectifier and relay
  • Industry-leading ultra-low voltage drop
  • 99% efficient at maximum continuous current
  • No heat sinks or airflow required
  • No de-rating required over full temperature range
  • Fully encapsulated solid state design
  • Internationally patented arrayed MOSFET technology

POWER-GATE solid state rectifier-relays are designed to behave like an ideal diode, allowing current to flow in a uni-directional fashion from Source to Load when a trigger signal is applied via the provided control harness.  When trigger voltage is removed, the device will behave like a non-conducting open relay.

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