Voltage Sensitive Relays / LVD

Quick Specs
Current Rating50 to 600 amps
Operating Voltage4.8 to 36 VDC
Voltage Drop at Max Current10 to 40mV
Temperature Range-40 to +105 °C
Small Package6.33" x 4.31" x 1.80"
Medium Package7.87" x 5.13" x 1.95"
Large Package8.58" x 6.63" x 1.89"
  • A single, high current module to handle all your LVD needs
  • Highest performing low voltage disconnect on the market
  • One input from the battery
  • One output post for all high and low current accessories
  • Decreases vehicle downtime and lost productivity due to discharged battery
  • High and low voltage cutoff
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Timers and delays
  • Manual override trigger
  • Manual activation trigger
  • Transient self-protection
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Industry-leading, ultra-low on-state resistance
  • Internationally patented arrayed MOSFET technology
  • No heat sinks or airflow required
  • No de-rating required over full temperature range
  • Fully encapsulated solid state design

Conventional Low Voltage Disconnects typically require external mechanical contactors to drive loads of any significance. Multiple relays and wire/cable runs create unnecessary installation complexity, drive up maintenance costs, and create a basic level of brain-damage fleet operators can do without. If only there was a device that served as a low voltage disconnect, but could also handle ALL the accessory loads thus eliminating the need for external contactors.

POWER-GATE Voltage Sensitive Relays are your solution.


LVD True Cost

Relay Programming Options



POWER-GATE Voltage Sensitive Relays provide a SINGLE point of control and are designed to handle ALL your accessory loads WITHOUT the need of external contactors. An on-board microcontroller is programmed with various performance characteristics including low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, timing features, override options, overcurrent protection, and in-rush thresholds. Those parameters can be adjusted based upon customer requirements. POWER-GATE enjoys ultra low on-resistance requiring no heat sinking or airflow. Fleet operators running hybrid or electric vehicles will also appreciate both low quiescent current draw, and ultra low power consumption to activate the device.

Please contact us to see how POWER-GATE Voltage Sensitive Relays can improve your ROI.

Coming soon is our Remote Control Programmer.

Remote Control Programmer

Customize device functionality onsite.  Simply connect to the programming port to an Autonomous Relay and adjust:

  • low voltage disconnect
  • high voltage disconnect
  • low voltage timer turn-off delay
  • Toggle LED status

Factory installed features include undervoltage override trigger, overvoltage shutdown delay, overcurrent shutdown level and delay, and overtemperature shutdown.

Autonomous relays can behave in  full automatic mode, respond to manual triggers, or both.  Its on-board logic coupled with ultra low on-resistance high current switching make it a compelling choice for systems engineers and fleet operators.